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The winners of the Enlightening Leaders Awards were announced at the Enlightening Leaders Gala

Ela Banu – ING Bank, Florentina Taudor – Renania Trade and Monica Koszta-RCS-RDS were the big winners at the Enlightening Leaders Awards. They were rewarded for their excellence in leadership. The ceremony took place during the Enlightening Leaders Gala, an event organised by Conference Arena, a member of the Marketing Insiders Group, on October 22nd 2015, at the Noblesse Palace in Bucharest. The hosts of the Enlightening Leaders Gala were Robert Murray, one of the top international leadership and personal development experts. The strategic partners of the event were the Competence Call Center and Mediatel Data, while the media partners were Cariere, Marketing Portal, Manager, MediaTrust and Motivonti.

Enlightening is a leadership event concept striving to inspire the business community in Romania with valuable insights. Initiated in 2011, Enlightening approaches leadership from a different angle each year, bringing remarkable leaders to the forefront of the discussion. Ted Lattimore, Kevin Heaney, Miha Pogačnik, Felix Baumgartner, Ada Roseti, Sergiu Neguț, Cătălin Velescu, Roberto Lazarov, Gilda Lazar, Dan Pascariu, Raed Arafat, Andreea Ionescu, Teodora Migdalovici, Heather White, Youssef Hautier, Jean Francois Fallacher and Christopher Neesham are just a few of them.

“Enlightening is about people that want more than just a profitable business. They want to be permanently connected to the international community, to always be connected to the latest news, to grow and, in turn, grow the people surrounding them and define personalities. Enlightening is about becoming and about authentic businesses. The members of the community are all remarkable leaders and Enlightening Leaders Gala was designed to convey our gratitude for the extraordinary things that they do every day.” Mădălina Vilău | Managing Director, Marketing Insiders Group.

“I’m really happy to have been a part of the Enlightening community from the very first edition. There are wonderful people in this project, authentic leaders that want to share success stories and insights from their trades. This year’s event, the Enlightening Leaders Gala confirms, once again, that the business environment in Romania is fit to develop the new generation of leaders. This aspect is important not only for business but for the entire society.” Rober Murray.

“I was given an unannounced award, truly! It’s humbling to receive an acknowledgement of the fact that your leadership is an appreciated, remarkable model. Truth is, I don’t know if my recipe is the best, it’s only a few simple ingredients: respect for each other, explaining why we’re doing what we’re doing, enthusiasm infused with empathy and paired with energy. I enjoy energising the people around me, I enjoy seeing people smile! I also make mistakes, of course, and the important thing is to pay attention to the reactions that you generate and try to repair any mistakes you might make, and learn from them. I really enjoyed seeing that there are people who can see themselves in this recipe and it only pushes me to be more ambitious and perfect my recipe even further.” – Ela Banu | Head of Advisory Contact Center at ING Bank.

“I’m part of an industry where, at least in theory, women don’t fit. In the last 3 years, alongside a formidable team, we have demonstrated that the impossible doesn’t exist. To see that quarter after quarter you generate extraordinary results is extremely rewarding. These results push you to go further and further, but when the people inside your community also happen to acknowledge them, to publicly appreciate and reward you with an award that so many people aspire to, it becomes a bit overwhelming. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for this nomination!” – Florentina Tudor | General Manager, Renania Trade.

About Rober Murray

Motivational speaker leader with over 25 years of experience in business, Robert Murray finds solutions for business problems and helps people discover their true potential. He’s not afraid to do whatever is necessary to help people find suitable solutions, no matter how hard he needs to work for it. Robert has coordinated 18 different start-ups and has come up with business solutions for thousands of people across the world.

Some of his biggest achievements are Executive positions at two billion-dollar businesses, President of CompassPeak, two Marketing Innovation Excellence Awards on behalf of the  New York Festival Awards and a Summit Award on behalf of the Portland Summit.

Some of the brands that he has worked with in Romania are Coca-Cola, Vodafone, AstraZeneca, British American Tobacco, ING, Heineken, and Raiffeisen Bank.

About Competence Call Center (CCC)

CCC Is one of the top Call Centers in Europe and has been offering high-quality services for 17 years in more than 28 languages. With over 5.000 Customer Experience experts and 15 headquarters in 8 countries, they have demonstrated just how competent they are after over 100 million answered phone calls. 50 international awards confirm the quality standards of the company with respect to incoming lines, outgoing campaigns, email, fax, postal correspondence and training. For more information, go to

Despre Mediatel Data

Mediatel Data develops Specialised phone services, bettering and diversifying telecommunication services through computer data processing. Call and Contact Center systems are developed by Mediatel specialists using the latest tech and operational discoveries to automatically answer phone calls through Inbound ACD, for Outbound predictive dialling or for Call Blending. Specialised operators have access to information about phone calls, reports and statistics, and they can communicate via a variety of channels: fax, SMS, email, chat, social media, WebCollaboration or mobile apps. IVR (Interactive Voice Response) services developed by Mediatel allow for flexible interaction with the caller with the use of keypad numbers or using TEXT to Speech and Voice Recognition software, even for Romanian.  

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