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The path to new quality standards for national OncoCare at Romanian Healthcare Conference.

According to the European Union, one in six deaths in Romania is caused by oncological reasons. Although the local incidence of cancer is below the EU average, mortality is 7% above the average, with a steady increase over the last 10 years.

A recent study by Exact Business Solutions shows that 75% of urban Romanians over the age of 46 have not used preventive medical services. Although about 73% of the interviewed Romanians heard of telemedicine, only 23% declared they had such medical counseling. Moreover, 50% of respondents had to travel to other cities or counties for medical procedures. The absence of education on the importance of prevention for health is making more and more victims. Many Romanians end up talking to a doctor when it’s too late.

According to the Federation of Cancer Patient Associations, Romania has the highest premature mortality rate from breast cancer and cervical cancer in Europe, as well as the fourth-highest premature mortality rate from lung cancer. It ranks first place in terms of avoidable deaths.

WHO estimates that about 40% of cancers can be prevented. Building good doctor-patient relationships through routine check-ups, discussions, and recurring preventive investigations saves lives.

Marketing Insiders Group brought to the fore trends and practical tools for raising the standards of oncology care in Romania at the third “Romanian Healthcare Conference” edition, which took place on Tuesday, May 28, 2024, at Biavati Events Bucharest. R.H.C.E. is the first business event with a medical profile that focuses on increasing patient satisfaction concerning medical service providers and on operational optimization of medical processes in the public and private environment.

This year’s general theme met the needs of the medical community and Romanian patients, “Redefining Oncology – a future centered on the patient experience“.

Eduárd Novák, World Paralympic Champion and Co-Founder – Novak Healthcare Concept, set the tone of the conference with a unique, inspiring moment about overcoming physical and mental limits.

Representatives of the medical world presented good practices and perspectives for the future of oncology in Romania, including: Dr. Patriciu Achimaș-Cadariu, Primary Physician, Gynecology Oncology and Oncological Surgery – Institute of Oncology ‘Prof. Dr. Ion Chiricuță’ Cluj-Napoca, Răzvan Predica, Executive Director Romania and Hungary – Affidea, Prof. Dr. med. Mathias Goyen, Chief Medical Officer EMEA – GE Healthcare, Prof. Dr. Doina Piciu, National Delegate of the European Association of Nuclear Medicine, EANM, Co-founder, President and Vice-President of the Romanian Cancer Society and the Romanian Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging, Head of PET/CT center CT Clinic – Affidea, Dr. Alessandro Roncacci, SVP Chief Medical Officer – Affidea Group, Lăcrămioara Loghin, Founder and General Director – Exact Business Solutions, Dr. Bogdan Popescu, Medical Oncology Specialist – MedEuropa.

Răzvan Predica, CEO – Affidea Romania & Hungary: “Over 95,000 new cases of cancer are detected annually in Romania and, unfortunately, almost 54,000 deaths. A 6% increase in the incidence of cancer is estimated until 2035. Beyond business figures and the promise of excellence in the areas of diagnosis and treatment, Affidea Clinics invest resources in the evolution of the local health system. Only through the involvement of each of us in promoting a Culture of Medical Prevention based on technological innovation and the effective doctor-patient relationship we can change the current situation, saving as many lives as possible through the early detection of oncological cases, and more.”

Here are just some of the interesting topics covered by the R.H.C.E. 2024 speakers together with more than 130 participants: the vital importance of integrating multidisciplinary committees in oncology care at the national level, reducing the stigma associated with cancer through education programs, the role of the patient navigator from symptomatology, to diagnosis and informed decisions about oncological treatment, PET /CT the most modern medical investigation of the moment regarding the early detection and staging of cancer, the impact of artificial intelligence regarding the speed and precision of work in imaging, the critical need for educational programs to raise awareness of the importance of prevention for health, the importance of developing a telemedicine infrastructure in a country where most oncologists are concentrated in just a few cities, the role of AI regarding interoperability and effective data management for medical ecosystems, how we reduce the influence of social inequality regarding the incidence of oncological cases through the National Plan to Combat Cancer, etc.

As in previous editions, the group debates hosted topics that aligned with the three strategic areas of the event, prevention, medical navigation, and technology, and were supported by: Daniela Timuș, Public Health Expert – World Health Organization, Dr. Cătălin Vlad, Lecturer, Doctor of Medical Sciences, General Surgery Primary Physician, Oncological Surgery and Laparoscopic Surgery Superspecialization, Manager – Institute of Oncology ‘Prof. Dr. Ion Chiricuță’ Cluj-Napoca, Dr. Cora Gache, Head of Radiotherapy Department – MedEuropa, Dr. Ioana Buzoianu, Specialist in Medical Oncology – Affidea Romania, Dr. Sebastian Grădinaru, Psycho-oncologist – MedEuropa, Lecturer Medicine and Pharmacy “Carol Davila”, Primary Physician General Surgery, Oncology Surgery Superspecialization, Dr. Remus Stoica, Radio-oncologist – Synaptiq, Petruța Scaeteanu, Customer Success Manager – RepsMate, Dr. Alexandru Iliescu, Medical Director – Docviser, Andreea Purcaru, Operational Director – Rayscape, Oana Dima, Lead Health Value Proposition Manager – NN Romania.

The interactive event was both aspirational and pragmatic, with dynamic moderators: Mădălina Vilău, Customer Experience Consultant and Managing Director of Marketing Insiders Group, Oana Vasile, Executive Consultant in the Health Field, Delia Necula, Investor, Business Mentor and Bravva Angels Board Member, President of the MedTech Committee – InnovX, and Cornel Bălan, General Manager – IQ Agency.

The conference benefited from the support and vision of PLATINUM Partner Clinicile Affidea România, and Supporting Partner GE HealthCare.

The third Romanian Healthcare Conference & Expo edition enjoyed the valuable involvement of partners: Oncological Institute “Prof. Dr. Ion Chiricuţă” Cluj-Napoca (IOCN), the Patronage of Private Medical Service Providers – PALMED, Future Station, Exact Business Solutions, Novak Healthcare Concept, and Mystery Shopping Agency – as well as the support of IQ Agency MarCom Partner, RepsMate, Synaptiq, Docviser, Rayscape – as innovation sector supporters. The Media Partners of this year’s conference are, VOYO, and Bursa.

More information about the business event is available via, as well as in the Marketing Insiders Group’s social media channels. For future collaborations and partnerships, you can contact us via

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