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Romanian Healthcare Conference 2024: Romanian Oncology, between reform and reality.

Cancer is the second cause of death in Romania, after cardiovascular pathologies, approximately 19% of all deaths. According to the WHO, the number of oncological cases will increase by over 75% by 2050. Marketing Insiders Group is organizing the third Romanian Healthcare Conference, edition on May 28, an event that carefully analyses the status of Romanian Oncology, what are the strategic priorities of the National Plan to Combat Cancer, the actions of public and private medical service providers, as well as quality standards in oncological care. The conference will take place at Biavati Events, Bucharest.

The Federation of Cancer Patient Associations states that the number of cancer cases in Romania increased by 21% in 2023, exceeding 550,000 patients registered with doctors. Even more, the expenses per capita for the care of oncological patients in Romania are the lowest in the European Union.

Access to innovative therapies is much slower locally compared to the EU, the gap being five to six years. Moreover, the national crisis of medical personnel and the inefficient distribution of family doctors across the country (about 3 doctors per 1,000 inhabitants) contribute to the aggravation of the oncological crisis, through poor patient monitoring – especially in the rural areas, where almost half the population currently lives. The challenges generated by insufficient doctors don’t stop here, another direct consequence is the fact that Romania ranks first in Europe in terms of avoidable deaths, in the context of the so-called epidemic of chronic diseases and the absence of a culture of prevention that implies routine checks and screening.

Although the standards of basic patient OncoCare are defined in the legislation, they are not applied nationally. Two of the critical debate topics for immediate action are the absence of standardized oncology patient journeys (for each type of cancer) – this substantially delays access to specific, vital treatments, and the fact that we have multidisciplinary work committees only in oncology centers from large university cities.

Sources: Romanian College of Physicians, OECD – “Country profile on cancer: Romania 2023”, World Health Organization, National Center for the Surveillance of Non-Communicable Diseases, European Commission – “State of health in the EU 2023”, National Institute of Statistics.

Romanian Healthcare Conference is a highly interactive business event connected to everyday medical realities, a platform of change that saves lives through empathy and innovation built on the philosophy “Together for better experiences for doctors and patients”, where exceptional people and brands join forces to accelerate the evolution of the healthcare system.

Răzvan Predica, CEO – Affidea Romania & Hungary: „Affidea Romania is one of the important medical services providers and a partner of the public health system in the diagnosis and treatment of oncological pathologies. The health of Romanians is our main priority, this is why we supported and got actively involved in every edition of the Romanian Healthcare Conference. The Affidea Group, of which Affidea Romania is a part of, is a European leader in advanced medical imaging services, ambulatory diagnosis and cancer treatment, thus we invest all care, expertise and technological innovation in the diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of Romanian patients.”

Mădălina Vilău, CX Consultant CX, Managing Partner – Marketing Insiders Group, R.H.C.E Founder: „Romania has the highest premature mortality rate from breast cancer and cervical cancer in Europe. It is estimated that in the next ten years, cancer could become the number one cause of death among European populations. The third edition of the Romanian Healthcare Conference addresses real-life medical needs through relevant solutions and action plans for a healthier Romania.”

The main “Romanian Healthcare Conference” 2024 theme is built on navigation strategies for compassionate oncological care, and three key sessions for open debates:

MedCARE | In Focus: Redefining the medical journey and the impact on patient health monitoring and education.

  • Optimizing patient care standards for present and future needs – the importance of public prevention, vaccination, and education programs.
  • Creating a culture that is focused on the quality of life of both patients and medical staff, using UX, design thinking, and foresight principles.
  • Efficient patient decision-making tools – how medical navigation helps patients make informed medical choices

MedBUSINESS | In Focus: The importance of multidisciplinary collaboration for superior medical outcomes and premium patient experiences.

  • Overview of the Romanian health ecosystem reform – legislative news, current and future projects.
  • Trends, challenges, and opportunities in the public health sector – the progress of the National Plan to Combat Cancer.
  • Caring for patients beyond medical investigations and procedures – the role of empathy in the healing process.

MedTECH | In Focus: Horizons and frontiers of future medicine in the age of artificial intelligence.

  • Screening and early detection services’ expansion for high-risk populations through state-of-the-art technological solutions.
  • The impact and opportunities of telemedicine on the reform of the Romanian health system.
  • Limits and advantages of artificial intelligence in imaging, diagnostics, surgery, etc.
  • New hi-tech integrations that facilitate interoperability and superior data management for healthcare ecosystems.
  • Ethical implementation of Wellness, Self-MedCare, and Digital Therapy (DTx) solutions for patients.

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