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Leading Customer Experience consultancy provider in Romania announces rebranding and services expansion process

Marketing Insiders Group, Romania’s customer care community advocate and leader launches its new brand identity and service lines for Europe.

August 8th 2022, Bucharest – It is a well-known fact that Romania has gained respect globally regarding customer care performance in the last 10 years, still being one of the preferred outsourcing destinations – with more and more corporations choosing to invest and do business here. A while back, in most market studies world-wide, the Romanian CX industry was referred to as Eastern Europe – this paradigm has changed substantially, as it is now highlighted as Central Europe from a results-and-competence driven perspective.

“This huge perception shift is the outcome of years of hard work, ongoing training, agile business processes that focus on learning from mistakes and adapting to the market and customer behaviour dynamics, and, most importantly, the result of local leaders that had the courage to innovate, to design and implement disruptive customer care methodologies that put people at the core of business. All these strategic changes influenced the beliefs of the international business ecosystem – leaving the communism stigma behind – and empowered the local CX community more than ever.”Mădălina Vilău | Managing Partner, Marketing Insiders Group.

However, Romania’s customer experience sector is still struggling and has a long way to go, especially with the present global crisis context, and the accelerated digital transformation movement that is taking over the world and is generating massive operational turmoil. The most critical areas are: employee experience and retention, slow tech developments adoption in the field, conventional business cultures that still separate B2B from B2C, lack of employer branding departments and strategies, segregated [customer care – sales – marketing – human resources] action plans and objectives.

Customer experience highlights in Central Europe:

  • „Customer satisfaction is slightly above the average while the employee satisfaction well below. Generally, Central EU appears to lack key maturity in several areas (i.e. self-service solutions) compared to the rest of Europe. However, many businesses are planning to invest to improve this situation”.
  • Customer service departments are mostly contacted for „issues related to order or delivery (48%)”.
  • Customers care more about „time required to solve an issue (33%), personalized service (32%), vs. self-service (9%)”.

Romanian CX industry glimpse:

  • „The Value for Money Economy meets the Connected Customer.  Time & effort remains the top pillar on the Romanian market, while Empathy had the highest score increase.”
  • „The Loyalty and Value for Money scores registered marginal growth, indicating a willingness for customers to invest in those brands where they feel valued and which pay attention to their needs.”
  • „The six pillars of Customer Experience Excellence in the New Reality are: integrity, resolution, expectations, time & effort, personalization, empathy.”

Sources: Deloitte Customer Service Excellence 2022, KPMG The Romanian Customer Experience Excellence Report 2021

Marketing Insiders Group (also formerly communicated as Expo Media), is a multidisciplinary advisors’ group that empowers people and businesses with operational and cultural growth by facilitating pioneering customer-centricity solutions. Over the last 18 years, the group became a well-known evolution platform for the local customer care arena that aspired to raise awareness for Romania’s CX potential, to optimize business performance and support professionals in the customer care sector. It became the voice of the Romanian CX community and the go-to 360° business transformation accelerator, all by applying people-first principles and methodologies.

Marketing Insiders Group | OVERVIEW
CX pioneering and business leadership in Romania and Europe:

In its almost two-decade journey, the consultancy group had the opportunity to shape operational DNAs for its client partners, but the biggest achievement is shaping mindsets and lives every day, for multiple CX generations by working side-by-side and coaching customer care teams, top to bottom, towards balance and greatness.

The ultimate reward for the ambition to elevate customer experience in Romania was the trust and devotion of its partners, brands that benefited from remarkable performance results and encouraged the M.I.G. business model to grow and expand its services portfolio – from business conferences and training, research and benchmarking, mystery shopping, audit, to people culture and customer centric branding solutions.

As the integrated marketing world is currently reinventing – with customer experience and employee experience now at the center of business stability and competitiveness – Marketing Insiders Group is launching two strategic service lines, aiming to support and improve the most critical customer journey touch points with efficient, unified business transformation programs for European companies:

  • Business Intelligence | consultancy, training, research, culture and branding.
  • Business Ecosystems | business events, workshops, unconventional BTL.

The group also aligned its vision and values with a refreshing, minimalistic new look and feel – part of an enlightening and agile rebranding quest.

“Change is chance, no exception. Learning and growth stem from challenges – from daring to spot opportunities where most see only obstacles. Despite the hardships of the past few years that directly impacted the customer experience sector and the events industry, Marketing Insiders Group achieved stability and growth. This was possible with the loyalty and determination of our advisory board and our visionary clients and partners. Game-changers are made through strategic alliances, and we believe in collaborative leadership.

Our journey began in 2004 with the aspiration for good change, since then our passion and tireless efforts shaped multiple customer care generations in Romania, and beyond. We dared to fail and learn, and fail again! We chose risk over conformity, and it paid off every time! Our repeat business rate is over 98%, this fuels our courage to keep going. Harder. Bigger. Stronger! 2022 marks a new, exciting chapter in our story.” –Mădălina Vilău | Managing Partner, Marketing Insiders Group.

For Customers. With Customers.

Multidisciplinary advisors’ group that empowers people and businesses with operational and cultural growth by facilitating pioneering customer-centricity solutions.

FACTS & NUMBERS | 5 CX international benchmarking surveys, 10 served countries on 2 continents, 21 targeted industries, 91 international client partners, 124 business conferences, 200 covered cities globally, 205 issued research reports, 560 CX & leadership program graduates, 3500 local mystery shoppers, 55500 mystery shopping assessments.

BRANDS | Conference Arena, Mystery Shopping Agency, Contact Center Magazine

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