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Felix Baumgartner’s arrival in Romania, announced through a spectacular jump to fixed point

Marketing Insiders Group announced Felix Baumgartner’s arrival in Romania, at Enlightening 3.0 leadership conference, with a jump organized with support from Red Bull Romania and performed by Alexandru Nicolau, international and multiple national champion at precision sky-diving jumping

Expo Media – member Marketing Insiders Group – is bringing in Romania, for the first time, at Enlightening 3.0 leadership conference, the man who broke sound barrier in October 2012, namely Felix Baumgartner.

Exactly to years after Felix’ record-jump, an impressive jump at fixed point was performed by Alexandru Nicolau as a way to announce  Enlightening 3.0 “Business Odyssey”, scheduled for October 23rd.

Besides Felix Baumgartner, the event will offer a different perspective on leadership and will bring on the stage as speakers an Australian psychologist specialized in war and hypnosis, an extreme altitude hiker from Romania, a life designer from Canada and internationally recognized leaders.

The event announcing the conference was hosted by Romanian blogger and online entrepreneur Cristian China Birta.

The speakers from Enlightening 3.0 will debate and reinvent the notion of barriers in life and business. They are Heather White – CEO, 2020 Communications Inc Canada, Jean-François Fallacher – CEO Orange Romania, Alex Gavan – Inspirational speaker and high altitude hiker, Youssef Hautier – Managing Director Sonic+Pay, Robert Murray – CEO GPG Technical Services Canada, Christopher Neesham – Corporate psychologist and coach from Australia; Catalin Velescu – Managing Director 3M Romania. The special guest of the conference is Mihaela Radulescu.

The leadership conference is supported by Orange Romania and will be hosted by Oana Marinescu – OMA Vision. Bitdefender is close to Marketing Insiders Group as Speed Sponsor, while supporting partners are Competence Call Center, SWISS, Stejarii Country Club, OMA Vision, Aspen Institute Romania, Mystery Shopping Agency, Customer Service School, Saveur, IAB.

The media partners of the event are DIGI24, Forbes, AdHugger, Burda Romania, Hepta Photo, Cariere, IQads, Smark, PRwave, 9AM, Smart Atletic, Active Life, CCI Française en Roumanie, Apivita, Active Life and Adrenallina.

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