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Felix Baumgartner – the 1st to break sound barrier – in Romania for Enlightening 3.0 “Business Odyssey”

Marketing Insiders Group organizes, for the 1st time in Romania, Enlightening 3.0 – “Business Odyssey” edition, with Felix Baumgartner as special guest. The event is scheduled to take place at Stejarii Country Club, on October 23rd.

Felix Baumgartner is the first person who broke the sound barrier with his jump from the stratosphere in 2012. He comes in Romania for the 1st time, at the leadership conference Enlightening 3.0 – “Business Odyssey” edition.

Business public and all those interested to discover their inner resources are invited to explore another dimension of leadership at Enlightening, “Business Odyssey”, organized by Expo Media, member Marketing Insiders Group. The event aims to show how one can transform the risks into personal development and how this experience can be used to build successful businesses.

This year’s edition will make a parallel between an unreasonable lifestyle in front of limits and performance in business. Felix Baumgartner will invite Romanian public to discover the road to leadership: “We all have limits, not all of us accept them”.

The conference proposes a valuable agenda, bringing into the spotlight the most complex business scenarios, generating non-conformist solutions in order to increase turnover, and does so with the help of exceptional speakers.

Besides Felix Baumgartner, speakers at the event are also: Heather White – CEO 2020 Communications Inc (Canada), Jean-François Fallacher – CEO Orange Romania, Alex Gavan – Inspirational Speaker Inspirational & extreme altitude mountain climber, Youssef Hautier – Managing Director Sonic+Pay, Robert Murray – CEO GPG Technical Services Canada, Christopher Neesham – Corporate psychologist and instructor (Australia), Catalin Velescu – Managing Director 3M Romania.

The conference will be moderated by Oana Marinescu – strategic facilitator, communication consultant and founder OMA VISION and will have Mihaela Radulescu as special guest.

Oana Marinescu

“It is in human nature to be a combination of angels and demons and the power to tip the balance is also in our nature. Leadership is even the inner force that makes us be better and always act for others’ good, winning over the destructive impulses we all have. Enlightening 3.0 is, in this sense, an opportunity to learn and grow as leader.” – Oana Marinescu | Founder OMA Vision.

The main themes which will be in focus during the conference are preventive strategies in business in unpredictable market contexts, organizational change, modern methods to generate record-performance, intelligent management of people.

Madalina Vilau

“The third edition of the leadership conferences Enlightening, Business Odyssey, with Felix Baumgartner, is the living proof that the impossible doesn’t exist and that the events market in Romania evolves from one year to another. This year’s business initiative represents a real challenge both for Marketing Insiders Group team and for all those who will be present at the event. It will be an experience that will stay and change the paradigm.” – Mădălina Vilău | CEO, Marketing Insiders Group.

Alex Gavan

“A conference cannot give you anything, no matter who is invited to speak. You are the one who decides, in the end, the value that remains from this experience. And this value becomes part of your personal leadership, from the way you find yourself and contribute in an authentic manner to others’ lives.” – Alex Găvan | Inspirational speaker.

“We are honored to be partners of Enlightening, Business Odyssey, supporting values like innovation and excellence, which are also present in Stejarii Country Club’s services and facilities.” – George Bakopanos | General Manager, Stejarii Country Club.

Felix Baumgartner2

The conference is supported by Orange Romania – Galaxy Sponsor, while Bitdefender is Speed Sponsor. Supporting partners of the event are  Competence Call Center, SWISS, Stejarii Country Club, Midocar, OMA VISION, Mystery Shopping Agency, Customer Service School, IAB, Saveur.

Strategic media partner is Digi24, while media partners are Forbes, AdHugger, Burda Romania, Hepta Photo, Cariere, IQads, SMARK, PRwave, 9AM, Smart Atletic, Active Life and Apivita.

Expo Media, member Marketing Insiders Group, conceived, in 2011, an unconventional format of business conferences for Romania, Enlightening. The series of leadership event is based on 4 main themes: people, strategy, leadership and innovation.

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