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For Customers. With Customers.

CX is the only way of doing business in the 21st century. Your customers are your business, and your people culture is the purpose that makes everything worthwhile. Our goal is to shape the future of multiple generations of professionals with knowledge, emotion and effort, to unify customer and employee satisfaction under the power of your brand.

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We believe that looking outside yourself is the only way to evolve, to give and have meaning; in business, and in every day life.


Beyond action, change is a mindset for our advisors. The ability to adapt has become a survival imperative for any business, big or small.


Working together for a stronger business society is the most important leadership principle. We chose cooperation over competition.


To us, business re-engineering is not a reaction, but an ongoing effort to predict even what you can’t control and create opportunities.


Leadership is the ambition to create legacies that empower people to dream, learn, and become. When life puts you in though situations, don’t say „why me” – say „try me”. Keep going.

Mădălina Vilău Managing Partner, Marketing Insiders Group

Some people can’t believe in themselves until someone else believes in them first.

Good Will Hunting

At Marketing Insiders Group, we find motivation and inspiration by embodying Diversity, Equity and Inclusion principles in all our endeavours. No exception. Also, we like to think that we take a different approach to CSR, by doing good even when no one is watching. Being kind is a virtue, not a task.

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