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Bob Murray and Heather White – leadership workshops at Enlightening Leadership School in Bucharest

Robert Murray, CEO Dixon Networks Corporation, Chairman of GrowthPoint Inc.  and author of a widely acclaimed book on leadership – “It’s already inside” – and Heather White, “Authenticity Advocate”,  Business Advisor and Coach, will hold 2 workshops on leadership, in Bucharest, on September 26-27, during an event initiated and organized by Enlightening Leadership School.

Part of the senior leadership series “It’s already inside”, the 2 seminars to take place soon in Bucharest are “Unleash Your Leadership Potential” (September 26th) and “Strategizing for Success in Any Environment” (September 27th). The 2 seminars are designed to accommodate maximum 40 participants. The first one is recommended to Middle and Senior Leaders, while the second targets executives from the “C-Suite” or VP and Director level.

“Unleash your leadership potential” focuses on the idea that inside every manager is the potential for excellence. The workshop with Bob Murray is focused on revealing and developing innate skills and talents that make an exceptional senior leader.

“Strategizing for success in any environment” with Heather White will focus on the fact that CEOs and Executives are bombarded with challenge, from take-overs to acquisitions, strategy execution to stakeholder ROI – demands are strong and the stakes are high.

The workshop aims to support executive leaders with tools and techniques for effectively designing, communicating and implementing strategic plans during turbulent times.

The workshops last a full day and feature facilitator lead content, discussions, case studies and role-plays utilizing the models and approaches identified with real world senior leaders and executives.

The participation fee is Euro 325 +VAT for “Unleash Your Leadership Potential” workshop and Euro 475+VAT for “Strategizing for success in Any Environment”. Further details on the workshops organized by Enlightening Leadership School are available here.

Enlightening Leadership School is just one of the projects organized by Expo Media. Expo Media offers quality integrated marketing services since 2004 and has extensive knowledge in multiple areas such as ATL, BTL, TTL, research and “customer centricity” consultancy. Expo Media has an extensive portfolio of clients with which has long term relationships. During last few years, the company was part of the jury at Stevie Awards (“Sales & Customer Service” category) and started ambitious and innovative projects.

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